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I am a Mum determined to use my personal experience of Perinatal Mental Health to raise awareness, give hope to other Mum’s & Dad’s experiencing their own struggles and to let you know YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 

I publicly opened up about my experience of severe postnatal depression in October 2018 on Social Media having been discharged from the Yorkshire & Humber mother & baby unit in Leeds. 

I don’t think I really appreciated the positive impact this would have and the amount of Mums and Dad’s who have been affected by Perinatal Mental Health. 

I’d be lying if I said it’s been plain sailing since I was discharged from all support because that’s not how Mental Health works. 

I never thought I would be able to really love my son, return to my family home, face my friends & family and go back to work as a serving police officer but I have done all these things and more. 

I am a bloody awesome Mummy with the most loving, funny, little boy. Of course he’s good looking like his Mama Haha! 

I recently just finished some telephone counselling and really clicked with my counsellor and I got to thinking why don’t I start a blog? 

I’m no writer, I’m not an expert, I am a lived experience and I will openly share my highs and lows with you. 

I have wrote about things I’ve never said out loud before and it did bring back a lot of raw emotions. I don’t think there will ever be a time when I think about that time in my life that my eyes won’t fill with tears BUT because of those times I know there won’t be a time when I don’t smile again either! 

When I started writing I thought I knew exactly where to start but then it became unclear where it all began, I still don’t think I know or if I ever will. 

Suffering with any Mental Health is utterly shit and can be extremely debilitating but Mental health does not define you, it doesn’t make you weak or not worthy. 

I am a stronger human being because of my Mental Health and like me 


So here I am 😊 

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