Happy Birthday #PNDhour

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Happy Birthday!
On Saturday 11th of February, Rosey and all of her courageous mothers celebrated an amazing milestone for their very own #PNDhour. It was recently the groups third birthday and on Saturday lots of Mums and organisations got together in Preston to formally celebrate how far this group really has come.
The online chat runs every Wednesday 8-9pm on Twitter and performs as an online platform for people to speak about the often taboo subject of perinatal mental illness. The group has a different topic each week where medical professionals, Mums and even celebrities talk about their personal experiences, with Fern Britton becoming a huge fan of Rosey and her work relating to PND.
Rosey originally set up her own blog called ‘PND and me’ to talk about her personal experiences battling with Antenatal and Postnatal depression but she soon realised she was connecting with so many others on twitter who were going through the same. They too felt isolated and alone so Rosey decided this issue needed to be discussed and vocalised to help others in the same situation and so she decided to set up #PNDhour.

#PNDhour was created to provide a safe space for people to discuss topics surrounding pre and postnatal depression. It is there to help connect those affected by the illness and it provides a form of support that many sufferers aren’t able to find. It encourages an open conversation about such an important issue that affects one in every ten women within a year of giving birth. Rosey’s group also discuss where improvements could be made in areas of support provided by those affected by perinatal mental illness.
The group is an amazing opportunity for people to speak out about such a relevant subject, it is definitely a cause for celebration that groups like these are doing so well in raising awareness for postnatal depression as it is a subject that needs to be talked about more. Rosey Wren has done a brilliant job in bringing professionals, families, charities and the mothers suffering from the illness together to speak openly and honestly about PND and her work was recently recognised on a national level when she was awarded the ‘Blogger’ award for PND and Me at the Mind Media Awards.
Well done #PNDhour and Happy Birthday.
by Charlotte Flint

For more information on Rosey’s blog, visit PND and Me.


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